Who am I?


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Dijana Muminovic is Bosnian-American award-winning documentary photographer who for the past ten years has been telling stories of immigration, human rights, the aftermath and people of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In relation to Dijana’s work on the aftermath of the Bosnian war, one of her photographs was used for a new book by Christina Lamb (co-author of I Am Malala) called ‘Our Bodies, Their Battlefields’.

Dijana is the founder of School of Photography in Zenica, first community program in Bosnia-Herzegovina that offers classes to all community members interested in photography www.skolafotografije.org. In 2018, Dijana was a committee member for the “Bosnia Oral Project” during WKU Office of International Program’s International Year of Bosnia.

In 2016, Dijana documented Syrian refugees in Croatia, and as a result, was a guest speaker at various universities across the US, including Allegheny College, Ohio University, University of South Florida, Western Kentucky University..  

Dijana worked as a medical photographer for Sanela Diana Jenkins Foundation (www.sdjfoundation.org), producing photo essays to reflect on the philanthropic work the Foundation has done. Dijana worked as a teaching assistant at Ohio University while completing Master’s in Visual Communication. She also mentored at the Athens Photographic Project, teaching people who use photography to help in their mental health recovery. 

Dijana’s work was awarded by the Alexia Foundation, Photophilanthropy, Hearst Journalism Award. She received many grants including two from the Kentucky Foundation for Women, NPPA, Bob Baxter..

Dijana had many exhibitions, including a solo exhibition about Bosnia’s aftermath in US Congress, Italian Senate in Rome, and her work was also included in Brooklyn and Bronx Documentary Center as part of the “From Tragedy to Light” exhibition by Alexia Foundation. Dijana’s work was also exhibited in Rich Mix Documentary Center in London, England, among 15 Balkan women. Dijana also had exhibitions at Western Kentucky University, and her work was was part of The Before and After exhibition at WKU; the Museum of City Zenica, Bosnia, and Kaviar Gallery in Lousiville, Ky., hosted by the Kentucky Foundation for Women.

Dijana helped organize first American photo workshop in her hometown, called Truth With a Camera. Dijana also organized the judging of the National Press Photographer Association Best of Photojournalism (NPPA BOP) at Ohio University.

Dijana is currently based in Bosnia-Herzegovina where she works. Reach her at muminovicdi@gmail.com