August 28, 2019

3 Sunflowers

Nothing compares to a feeling of finding three sunflowers at home after an unpleasant flight from Sweden. Just when I finally freed myself from the fear of flying that has been following me for years, the tire broke on my airplane.

“What do you mean he can’t fly an airplane with one tire? What kinda pilot is he?” My friend was trying to make me laugh, she knows I got scared. And I couldn’t stop thinking how much I love the soil. I loved riding a bike through the country on a small island in Sweden with my brother. His hat and the countryside felt more like Italy. I even loved the ocean, and I felt I’d much rather be scared of heights on some mountain, or count plants with my friend.

But it’s strange. In the plane, I am most peaceful, but also, the most disturbed. We landed safely, and approaching my home, I had no idea three beautiful sunflowers would await me. They made me forget about the airplane, and think about number 3, especially when friends started pointing out the number..

But the first time I noticed it was a year and a half ago when I thought my friends played a prank on me. I found three cats on my chair. It was during the time I wanted a cat, but it turns out, they appeared on their own on the day of Eid. And I’m not much of a person who reads numerology but for fun, I did a little research. Turns out, it’s a divine number in most religions.

These are not my cats.
A year and a half later, these are.

Few of the findings:

In Christianity
In Islam

Then I came across a destiny number. Destiny number is when you add up your name with certain numbers and in the end you get a single digit. Can you guess mine?


There are other numbers I call my favorite, but this one keeps reappearing. And when I think about it, it’s three of us siblings. I live with three cat-monkeys. The other day, I found three four-leaf clovers next to each other, and there were soo many things in three that I didn’t record with my camera.

Should I consider this number as a sign of some good fortune? Good destiny? Something good deep-within. Sure thing..

I can’t follow all the readings, as I’m not into analysing much, but I’ll take it as a nice omen, part of my life and those connected with me. Yesterday, I couldn’t wait to tell my friend who was visiting from Norway about the three sunflowers that have bloomed. We both love sunflowers so much, but I couldn’t pick one for her, as I felt it wasn’t the time to pick them yet. But when I saw her, there was a great surprise: her belly hugged me. First baby is on the way. We were hugging, talking a lot, and on the way home, she showed me kittens in some place. I have completely forgotten I was even scared of flying..

What will this number bring for me? If anything. I don’t know..but it’s almost as if it’s following me.

Happy life friends.

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