August 5, 2019

The Majesty of Mount Orjen

I’m standing on top of Mount Orjen in Montenegro, looking at life. I can’t get down. I’m wondering if my team is anywhere near, when exactly at that moment, like in heroic movies, appears a man with a hat, strong arms, and calls my name. He takes my hand and gets me down from the heights of this majesty.

Returning felt safe, but hours of solitude on the peak reminded me that nothing makes me feel more handicapped than the fear that walked all the way to the top with me, yet it didn’t allow me to be with the team of biologists only 200 meters away.

The Montenegrin man said he was thirsty, and I was in this golden grass, loving it!

“It’s Festuca bosniaca”, he says. And I think how wonderful the grass shares the name of my country Bosnia, yet it grows on heights of Montenegro.

Like the flower the team went into search for, Iris orjenii.

The team from Slovenia, Montenegro and Bosnia-Herzegovina drove at least 8 hours to meet, then rode another hour and a half to a camp site from where they walked five hours to the top of Orjen, only to find a flower.

And you may wonder why.

Iris orjenii. Photo M.J.

But being up in the heights brings up questions for you my dear human: how difficult is it to look at another human and fully accept them for who they are? But how easy and just how many times have you picked a beautiful flower and was amazed by its appearance? But can you, my dear human, look at a tiniest plant, with not much color, knowing you can’t even make tea out of, and still see its worth?

It suddenly turned grey right above me, but nothing empowers me like the connection with the Nature. I know it hears me, so I said to it: “I’m already scared, so take these clouds away me, and away from my friends, for we are the keepers of your land, the visible and invisible. We are your protectors, so protect us!”

The wind blew so strong, I was holing onto the iron lock where a notebook is found for hikers to sign once they reach the top. It became clear, and Sun was shining again. Thunders let me know they were so far away, and I no longer needed to be scared. I was soon looking at the energetic Montenegrin man running downhill. I was still sliding in the grass, and soon, the rest of the team started approaching.

“Will you have the patience to go, because everything lasts longer with us?” I remembered the Slovenian biologist asking me at the beginning of our hike. I wanted to tell him to hold my beer, sit by some tree and wait. But he left too soon. Peter helped me reach the top. And on top of a mountain is where you feel everything. There isn’t quite anywhere else where you can feel the truth of your own feelings. And feelings about the creation of this life.

Photo by M.J.

Shall you ever hike, my dear human, you’ll see numerous of endemic flowers. You’ll no longer have questions as to why butterflies land on flowers, only so they can live for a few days. You’ll begin to see the purpose of the smallest insect, and you’ll feel the power of the tiniest plant. You’ll realize it all works like a chain, that if you destroy just one little plant, it would leave ten other species homeless.

Shall you come into the nature, you will never look at another flower the same way. You’ll begin to see the big picture and the whole ecosystem. And suddenly, it will make sense why someone would travel the world only to see one flower.

And when you see another flower again, you will not just see just a flower. You, my friend, will see life.

Nikada vise, ti covjece, neces pogledati cvijet ili biljku i vidjeti samo to. Vidjet ces zivot…

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